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Under Consideration

MOD 22/15219 (DA 9954 MOD 1) Toppa's Dream, Blue Cow, Perisher Ski Resort - S4.55(1A) modification

Snowy Monaro Regional

Construction of a two storey mogul skiing judging tower using 4 x refurbished shipping containers

Application Documents (7)

Geotechnical report
Form 4 Confimration JK
Shop Drawings 02
Shop Drawings 01
Prior DA Stamped plans
Original Stamped Plans
Statement of environmental effects
MOD Report - DA9954 Judging Tower
Structural engineers report
Engineering Drawings Coot
Structural engineers report
Engineering Certificate Coot

Project Details

Portal reference number
Consent authority's ID number
MOD 22/15219
Property Address
37 Burramys Road Perisher Valley 2624
Lot/DP number
Type of application
Modification Application
Type of development
Exhibition start - end date

Consent Authority

Consent authority name
Minister for Planning and Public Spaces / Independent Planning Commission