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Large Erecting Shop rezoning proposal

The rezoning proposal for the South Eveleigh Train Workshop (heritage-listed as the Large Erecting Shop) was finalised on 9 June 2023. The rezoning proposal was prepared by Transport for NSW (TfNSW).

The rezoning allows for a mix of commercial and retail uses within the workshop. The proposal was exhibited for public comment between 13 October and 24 November 2022.

The department was responsible for gathering submissions and assessing the rezoning proposal.

The rezoning will support the conservation and revitalisation of the workshop and the delivery of new employment floor space supporting up to 1,000 jobs, while ensuring that its history and heritage significance is respected.

For more information please see the exhibition documents below and visit the department's South Eveleigh Train Workshop webpage. 

Exhibited documents


Response to Submissions

Finalised documents


  • On Exhibition

    The consultation is open for public comment.

  • Under Consideration

    We'll be reviewing what you told us.

  • Made and Finalised

    The final outcomes of this consultation will be documented here.

Consultation period


More information

Exhibiting agency or agencies: DPE
Exhibition location: NSW Planning Portal